as a kid, my parents wondered if i was hard of hearing, because when spoken to, i'd often go "say what?" etc.

but i was just zoning out. physically present but my brain was off in space.

that was my standard mode of operation as a kid. always daydreaming.

Weird that tags haven’t made their way to most contact apps…

Why do all the school's parent portals feel like hacked-up 90's CRM software? Getting logged in to fund your kid's lunch account feels like the first day at a new job at a Fortune 500 company.

Starting to conceptualize time management as the art of balancing people's disappointment in me against each other.

Like, this week I am going to spend time on x which will make A happy, but I'm going to have to let y slip a little which is going to annoy B, but I'll make it up to them next week when I spend a bunch of time working on y. Also need to spend some time on z, which is just for me; but if I'm not happy, then I can't really make A, B, or C happy either.

I want to support local journalism, but I'm also fairly convinced that commercial news sites have all been quietly deactivating their RSS feeds in order to push subscribers into newsletter subscriptions or proprietary apps, and I'm just not going to do that. If you take away RSS feeds — which are the main way I focus on news — then your site is immediately much less useful to me, and I'm not inclined to pay a monthly fee for minimal use.

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Colleges should run their own ActivityPub servers and create a life-long social network for their students, faculty, alumni.

Is anything like this happening anywhere?

Just had a question about this, thought it might be useful to answer as a post:

There are lots of different server types on the Fediverse, but they talk to each other using a common standard called ActivityPub.

This means you don't need to be on the same server type to interact.

For example, if you're on a Mastodon server you can have a conversation with someone on a Friendica server.

This works even when the server types are very different. People on Mastodon etc can like, comment and share videos from @peertube or follow livestreaming accounts on @owncast. (To see examples, take a look at @FediVideos)

This process is so seamless that you may not even be aware you're interacting with people from other server types. If you're a Mastodon user, try clicking on @bobfisherphoto and it will look like a Masto account, but it's actually a @pixelfed account. To see what an account "really" looks like, click on the avatar on its profile page.

#Fediverse #ActivityPub

mastodon should save all your old avatars so you can switch back to them whenever you want or just take a nice trip down memory lane

I’ve always thought was waiting to release a calculator app for iPad that would open in a windowed mode, instead of full screen.

So disappointed by the ending of Stranger Things (season 4). It was no ending at all, really. And with sucking so much lately, a season 5 isn’t guaranteed.

Just imagine what could be achieved if people cared as much about ensuring a liveable planet as they do about people kicking, hitting & throwing balls around.

yes, I still have to look up affect/effect every fucking time. maybe I should endeavor to fix this before I'm 30.

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