Sun shirts are becoming an increasingly popular way to protect your skin from the sun. We have a number of brands: Altered Latitudes, Billabong, and Hook & Tackle to name a few. Stop in and shop with us.

It’s a beautiful day! Grab some toys and supplies before hitting the beach: boogie boards, skim boards, rafts, sun shirts, swimwear and much more!

Weather Alert: We have a heat advisory today at . If you’re at the beach, be sure to bring shade! Customers are loving Shades—they have the simplicity of an umbrella with the coverage of a sun shade.

We’re a family-owned and managed beach shop at Holden Beach, North Carolina. The store opened in 1974, and has been serving the community for almost 50 years.

We carry everything from beach chairs, umbrellas and rafts, to clothing, apparel, and home decor.

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